09:30 to 09:40 Welcome and introduction
09:40 to 10:00 Panel: The individual in Compliance and in Risk Management

Prof. Lorenzo Preve, IAE Business School

Prof. Matthias Kleinhempel, IAE Business School
10:00 to 10:20 Better Compliance through less Surveillance
  Prof. Josephine (JS) Nelson, Villanova University
10:20 to 10:40 Managing cultural and legal differences
  Prof. Antonino Vaccaro, IESE Business School
10:40 to 10:50 Break
10:50 to 11:10 Panel: Compliance and the Human Risk
  Prof. Josephine (JS) Nelson, Prof. Antonino Vaccaro and Julieta Torcello, Compliance Manager MercadoLibre
Moderator: Matthias Kleinhempel
11:10 to 11:30 Measuring the Effectiveness of Ethics & Compliance Programs
  Dra. Patricia Harned, CEO Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI)
11:30 to 11:45 Break
11:45 to 12:10 How bringing Behavioral Science to Compliance can mitigate Human Risk
  Christian Hunt, Founder Human Risk Ltd.
12:10 to 12:30 Panel: Human Risk and Behavioral Compliance
  Christian Hunt, Raúl Saccani, Deloitte, María Alejandra Diaz,
Regional Compliance Officer ROPU S.A. Boehringer Ingelheim S.A.
12:30 to 12:40 Wrap up and closing Day 1
09:30 to 09:40 Introduction to Day 2
09:40 to 10:00 Compliance and Exculpatory Defenses
  Dr. Guillermo Yacobucci
10:00 to 10:20 Panel: Repentance in corruption cases

Dr. María José Tamagno and Dr. Nicolás Ramirez
10:20 to 10:30 Break
10:30 to 10:50 Panel: Money Laundering and Compliance: Criminal Law and Tax Law

Dr. Patricia Llerena and Dr. Mario Laporta
10:50 to 11:10 Panel: Internal Investigations

Dr. Rodriguez Estevez and Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Guerra
11:10 to 11:20 Break
11:20 to 11:40 Compliance Officer as warranty position
  Dr. Percy Garcia Cavero
11:40 to 12:00 Wrap up and closing